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Did You Know?

Drivers are required by law to give cyclists enough room (minimum safe passing distance of 1.5 metres) when passing a cyclist whether a cycle lane is present or not. (Highway Code 139 & 188)

Also, cyclists are not obliged to use cycle tracks or stay within cycle lanes the same way as car drivers are not obliged to use Motorways and can use A-Roads. The cyclists can ride in the centre of the lane (primary position) where the road is too narrow for overtaking.

Myth Busters

Why don't cyclists pay road tax?

There is no such thing as road tax. Everyone who pays income and council tax helps to pay for the roads. Vehicle excise duty is based on vehicle emissions and does not go to directly fund roads.

Why do cyclists filter to the front at traffic lights?

This is permitted to help them be more visible. With lower acceleration, a cyclist may struggle to get through the lights when starting from the back of the queue.